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    We offer a variety of therapy options to meet the unique individual needs of each client. Please click on the links below to read more about some of our highlighted offerings.


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    Art Therapy

    According to the American Art Therapy Association “Art therapy is an integrative mental health and human services profession that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship. Art therapy is used to improve cognitive and sensorimotor functions, foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts and distress, and advance societal and ecological change.” Rise and Thrive Art Therapists are trained at the Master’s level and hold art therapy credentials (ART-P, ATR, or ATR-BC). They strive to support clients’ treatment goals through using the expressive therapies continuum to aid client in accessing verbal and non-verbal processing to work towards meeting their treatment goals. Rise and Thrive Art Therapists continue to receive Art Therapy specific training and supervision in order to provide the highest level of care for their clients.


    Reiki is energy healing work that can reduce stress and increase relaxation. Reiki originated in Japan and utilizes gentle touch through the practitioner's palms. The practice can provide both emotional and physical healing; such as depression, anxiety, pain, ect. It's important to remember that Reiki does no harm.

    Individual Counseling

    At Rise and Thrive Wellness we believe that the way each person chooses to respond to stressors in their life is very personal. Seeking out therapy is not about a failure or weakness, but rather having a safe space to reflect on the ways each person chooses to cope with the stages, changes, and stressors in their life. Change occurs within the context of relationships and we strive to create a therapeutic space for each client to co-create a space that allows them to work towards the healing change they desire. Therapists at Rise and Thrive Wellness are specialized in a variety of areas and continue to further their expertise through annual conferences and trainings.

    Child & Adolescent Counseling

    At Rise and Thrive Wellness we understand that children and adolescents need support in a way that honors their needs as well as the family’s needs. When one member of the family is struggling it can impact everyone. No matter what your child is going through our highly trained therapists are here to offer support. Sending your child to therapy gives them the non-judgmental space to work on developing the social and emotional health that is needed to succeed in life no matter what comes their way. Therapists at Rise and Thrive Wellness are specialized in providing high quality therapy for children and adolescents through a variety of collaborative and creative based therapies.

    Couples Counseling

    At Rise and Thrive Wellness we believe that people experience life within the context of relationships. The goal of couples counseling is to reduce stress, increase healthy communication and build intimacy. Couples can seek therapy for a variety of reasons, and do not need to wait until they are struggling. Great times to seek couples counseling include: · times of transition (like marriage, children, grief/loss, job changes, etc…), · relationship distress over a specific topic or decision, · to improve your communication with your partner. Couples Counseling requires the ability to remain neutral and supportive as couples learn healthy ways to communicate.


    At Rise and Thrive Wellness we understand that coming into the office may not always be the best option for some clients. Our highest priority is protecting our clients’ health and safety so we offer telehealth services through a HIPPA protected online portal. This allows clients to find a secure confidential space right where they are to be able to access the treatment they need through video or phone. If you would like to follow up with our client care coordinator to schedule and appointment.


    Trauma-Informed therapy is rooted in creating safety for clients who have experienced traumatic events, whether a single incident or recurring complex trauma over their lifetime. In some cases trauma can result in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and in other instances it can result in symptoms that impact a client’s ability to function daily. Regardless of the level of impact what we know is that trauma has a lasting impact on the mind and body. Rise and Thrive therapists are trauma-informed and use a variety of techniques to approach clients’ healing work; always seeking to provide safety while helping clients develop the skills they need to integrate their experiences and respond to triggers in healthy ways.

    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

    MBSR helps clients learn to manage discomfort, both physical and emotional. Cognitive evaluation tools and meditation practices combine to bring deeper awareness and understanding both of the individual and the world and others around them.


    The best, most effective therapeutic alliances come from having mutual respect and meaningful connection with one another. R&T is an open and affirming practice where clients can be confident that the space is safe and our clinicians accept you as your whole, unique self. We welcome you with open hearts and arms.

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