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  • Nancy Johnston

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    Nancy Johnston

    Counseling Intern

    Do you ever wonder why you think, feel, or act the way you do? Are you struggling with relationships, yourself, others, or certain situations or environments? Experiencing problems with any of these can be confusing, hard to navigate, and the result of a variety of things. Nancy believes that gaining insight into past experiences, combined with goals and a willingness to work, can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and provide a path to healing and better functioning.

    Nancy is a counselor intern, and is currently working towards her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lewis University with an emphasis on children and adolescents.
    She also has an interest in working with individuals that suffer from trauma. In connection with this area, Nancy received ICASA sexual assault training enabling her to effectively work
    with survivors.

    Nancy’s overall approach to helping clients includes establishing a safe space for thoughts and feelings, utilizing engaging and goal-oriented activities, and operating with genuineness and
    mutual respect.